Seven Reasons to Choose a Former Prosecutor to Defend You in Texas

Whether you have been arrested for a federal Internet crime or tagged for illegal behavior while crossing the border from Mexico to Texas, you need a credentialed, results-proven attorney in your corner.

As you research the best lawyer for your case, consider these 7 reasons why to pick a former prosecutor to defend you.

1. Former prosecutors know how other prosecutors think.

Whether you settle out of court or go to trial, you ultimately must “go up against” a prosecuting attorney (or team of prosecutors). To joust effectively with these opponents, you need to know how they think. A former prosecutor can more easily “get into the heads” of those working hard to put you behind bars.

2. Former prosecutors boast a more well-rounded perspective.

A former prosecutor turned criminal defense attorney must understand the law “both backwards and forwards,” if you will. Different vantages give these lawyers a special and deeper understanding. Consider this analogy: choosing a golf coach. Ideally, your coach should know how to swing a club as well as how to teach others. A coach who has a perspective as both player AND coach will have an edge over coaches who spend their careers teaching but never playing in tournaments.

3. Most Judges respect experienced former prosecutors.

Judges see themselves as neutral arbiters of the law. Thus, they tend to respect attorneys who demonstrate a similarly equal-minded approach to the kinds of cases they take on.

4. Former prosecutors can “tell it like it is”.

Sometimes, it helps to have a former prosecutor “tell it like it is.” For instance, let’s say your child was arrested for smuggling drugs over the Texas-Mexico border. You obviously want him to get a good legal defense. But you also want him to learn better behavior. A prosecutor-turned-defense-attorney can draw on personal anecdotes to “scare kids straight.”

5. Former prosecutors have seen both sides of the table

To work as both a prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney, you need to learn that much more about the law, its theory and its application. The more knowledge you have about criminal defense law, the more strategies and tactics you can pull out of your black bag.

6. Former prosecutors often know the prosecutors who will be trying your case.

Knowledge of your opponent is key to victory. If your attorney has worked with other prosecutors — seen how they operate, seen what kinds of arguments they make and what kinds of opportunities they miss — he or she you can build on this knowledge to great strategic benefit. Think about great performers in any domain. Before they go up against one another head-to-head in a tournament, they study each other closely. A chess player, for instance, will pore over his opponent’s games for weeks prior to a championship match. Trials can be similar. Thus, any insight your attorney has into the personalities of the opposing counsel can help you.

7. Former prosecutors often turn to criminal defense work because they have empathy.

Too many attorneys these days do what they do strictly for financial gain. Of course, every attorney in some sense is profit-minded. But ideally you want a lawyer who has chosen a career in law out of a desire to right the wrongs in the world and to defend those who are unjustly or wrongly accused.

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