San Angelo,Texas criminal defense is often a long process

Texas Criminal Defense in the San Angelo area starts with a lawyer who knows his way around the courthouses. I say courthouses, because there is also a County Courts building on Harris street behind the main Courthouse on Beauregard. Most DWI and possession of marijuana cases are held in the County Courts building. Felonies are in the big main courthouse.

San Angelo judges also hold court in Eldorado in Schleicher county, Mertzon in Irion County, and Ballinger in Runnels County. Robert Lee and tiny Paint Rock also have courthouses where San Angelo judges preside.There are two County Courts at Law in Tom Green County, which are called The County Court at Law and County Court at Law 2. (You notice I didn’t say County Courts at law 1 & 2) ALR hearings are held before the Justice of the Peace in the basement of the building next to the main Courthouse on Beauregard.

The court system can be difficult for lawyers who don’t know their way around. This is true not just because of the different courthouses in San Angelo and the outlying towns, but also because of the way the dockets are set up. The judges rotate the criminal dockets which makes it difficult to predict which courtroom to go to and which judge will be presiding.

Imagine how confusing this must be to people charged with a felony or misdemeanor in San Angelo. It gives new meaning to the phrase, “a lawyer who knows his way around the courthouse”!

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