Internet Sex Addiction Can Lead to Federal Criminal Charges

Four Dangers of Internet Sex Addiction

Internet sex addiction is a vastly under reported problem in the American population. With more and more people logging onto online fantasy sites, chat rooms, forums, and other pornographic arenas every day, psychotherapists and criminal defense attorneys alike are seeing a huge increase in the number of people who have become dysfunctional as a result of their addiction to cyber sex. Below, we review four common dangers.

1. Internet sex addiction drains your money and your time.

Compulsive addicts spend hundreds (sometimes even thousands) of dollars a month on things like paid live chats or paid scripted fantasies (paying online porn stars to act out a specific, highly elaborate personal fantasy). Probably, however, the biggest money wasting aspect of internet sex addiction comes from productivity drain. People who spend hours a day online looking at pornography instead of doing work can lose their jobs and see their income streams shrink. Also, the time they spend online takes away from time they could be using to pay bills, participate in networking activities, and look for work.

2. Internet sex addictions can destroy good relationships.

How many marriages have fallen victim to internet sex addiction? How many people have become isolated because they escape into web-based fantasies as opposed to confronting their real life vulnerabilities? How many otherwise healthy sexual relationships have gotten deformed or thrown off track when one (or even both) partners get sucked into online sex fantasy?

3. Online sex addictions have a way of sharpening so-called “paraphilias.”

A paraphilia is a strange or abnormal sexual fixation, like a fetish. Individuals develop paraphilias as children or adolescents. They often find like-minded communities online. By searching out pornographic sites that cater their paraphilias, these people can experience a warping of perspective. Taken to an extreme, this can prevent them from forming healthy relationships and having gratifying encounters with real people.

4. Internet sex addiction can lead to crimes.

The internet is by and large an anonymous environment, one in which you can operate for free, and one in which you have literally millions of potential sexual partners. It is also an arena in which it is easy even for normally law-abiding citizens to cross the line and do illegal acts. For instance, a classic example is a man who looks at pornography and ends up downloading pictures of underage women. He may not have even known a picture was of an underage woman, but he nevertheless violated the law. Also, the pain of the consequences of internet sex addiction itself can drive people to do dumb or dangerous or aggressive things that can get them in trouble.

What should you do if your internet sex addiction has gotten you a visit from the FBI?

A knowledgeable attorney who has experience dealing with internet sex addiction crimes can provide a free and confidential consultation about your rights and obligations. Given how much is at stake for you and your family, it’s never too early to consult a lawyer, especially when you are facing Federal charges relating to obscenity on the internet or child pornography.

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