Historic Marijuana Bust in Tijuana – Over 100 Tons of Drugs Seized in Dramatic Shootout

Earlier this week, Mexican police netted 105 tons of marijuana after a decisive confrontation with drug smugglers in three operations in and around the city of Tijuana. According to Mexican Army officials, the drugs had a street value of over 4 billion pesos – approximately $340 million.

The big bust happened after local police got into a shootout with a local gang riding in a convoy. The officers called in help from the military, and the subsequent gun battle led to injuries on both sides as well as to further raids on a nearby home and ranch, where more marijuana was found and seized. All told, police arrested 11 people and found 10,000+ color coded packages of drugs. Different packages featured different labels, depending on their ultimate intended destination in the United States. Some packages were decorated with pictures of Homer Simpson saying “Voy De Mojarra Y Que Wey!” – which essentially means “I’m gonna get high dude!”

Drug related violence south of the border has led to the deaths of nearly 30,000 people since Mexican President Calderon initiated action against the powerful Mexican drug cartels in 2006. To put that in perspective, around 50,000 Americans died in total in the Vietnam War – so the number of deaths in Mexico’s drug war is already equal to more than half the number of Americans killed in Vietnam.

This border violence has ramped up the enforcement on the Texas side of the border, resulting in more highway stops, more vigorous random patrols, and in a considerable increase in law enforcement presence, both federal and state, in the border regions of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.

If you’ve been accused of a federal drug crime — such as possessing, manufacturing, or transporting drugs; or collaborating in a criminal conspiracy related to illegal narcotics — you could face sweeping punishments according to US law. These could include (but will not necessarily be limited to) jail time, fines, mandatory repayment to victims of your crime, suspension of your driver’s license, loss of certain rights, strict terms of probation and release, and secondary consequence of your conviction, such as the degradation of your professional reputation and a more difficult time getting loans or leases.

If you’ve been arrested in West Texas on federal criminal drug charges, money laundering charges, or weapons violations, a Board Certified criminal defense attorney can provide a strategic, results-oriented plan to fight back against prosecutors and reduce or potentially even eliminate your punishments.

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