Federal Conspiracy Laws in Texas

Title 18, Section 371 of the United States Code sets forth a separate crime for Conspiracy to commit any offense listed in the U.S. Penal Code. Conspiracy has a maximum punishment of Five years.

So if someone is charged with the Bank Fraud, for instance, that person can also be charged with Conspiracy to commit Bank Fraud.

Conspiracy requires that two or more people conspire to commit a Federal crime, and that one or more of these individuals do any act (sometimes referred to as an overt act) to effect the object of the conspiracy.

To be charged with Conspiracy, therefore, two or more individuals must not only discuss,scheme, or otherwise plan to commit a Federal Crime, but one or more of them must do something to accomplish the goal or object of the conspiracy.

Federal Conspiracy Laws are a powerful tool in “White Collar” cases involving multiple parties and complex financial transactions.

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